Student of The Week – Sam Tekper

Author: Arrey Mbutambe, Managing Editor

Sam Tekper is not your average guy, his friendly demeanor and ability to put a smile on anyone’s face are just some of the reasons that he’s so loveable. As a student senator and former Vice President of the famous “Net Club,” he’s had the ability to connect with the greater Montgomery College community and definitely knows a thing or two about the benefits of getting involved on campus.

Sam loves being a student senator, he says that it puts him in a position to be much more than a spectator on campus. He says that he’s able to have his voice heard and make real change. His gained sense of responsibility and leadership is something Sam values.

Sam has other hobbies, alongside getting involved on campus. He very enthusiastically said, “I love Volleyball. You don’t even understand. I can play it anywhere, anytime. I also love to cook and entertain people. In the sense of having dinner parties. If you’re lucky, you might get invited to the next one.”

When asked for his advice for incoming freshman, he said, “being involved in Student Life took me to places that I would have never gone. It helped me find myself. You don’t know how much getting involved can impact you. Be more than just a student!”


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