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Farewell to Aisha Sowe

By Yesenia L. Pineda

As another year of academic schooling comes to a close and final exams begin to open, The Globe takes time to reflect on our editors as they progress into new places.

Today we’d like to talk with Aisha Sowe, current Editor-In-Chief and soon-to-be Montgomery College transfer.

Pineda: So Aisha; to begin, what is your fondest memory of being here with Montgomery College and being a staffer with The Globe?

Sowe: I would say my fondest memory of being at MC was the Spring semester of 2021. As many students had experienced, we were online at the time due to the pandemic, but during that time I was able to connect with students as well as the staff at The Globe. This I would say was one of my most well productive semesters. I felt as if we were the most consistent with content as we tried to be due to not being on campus. I’m proud that we had accomplished much with such a small group of staff.

P: That’s amazing! I can only imagine what it felt like to be here when you first arrived! How did you feel at the start of your journey with MC compared to now?

S: When I started MC back in 2019, I was certain about what my plan would be in terms of education and career. I knew that the goal was to transfer, so I made the best out of my time here as I could. I still am determined about the path I want to follow, but there were some challenges and changes that I had to make in order in order to figure out my next steps in life. Even though my plans have changed from two and a half years ago, I’m still figuring out what will be best for me.

P: Is there anything you would tell your younger self before starting classes?

S: Great question! I would say to her to not let your negativity (whether that is thoughts, people, or environment) take up her mental energy. Yes, avoiding all the negative around you is hard and can be impossible, but is what you do to uplift yourself from it. Whatever decisions that you make, just know that you’re doing them for yourself. Make sure you start saying daily affirmations that will get you through both good and bad days.

P: In hindsight, what drew you into being with The Globe and how does it feel to be writing articles on student life and other related subjects?

S: I joined The Globe after being part of my high school’s newspaper for about three years. One aspect I liked was the fact that they are an online publication, which has been the most popular way to consume news in recent years. I enjoyed writing the articles as well as sharing ideas to help further the newspaper. Coming from a shy person, I got to go out of my comfort zone to meet new people within the MC community.

P: If you could give advice to anyone about joining The Globe what advice would you give them and how has being part of this group helped you with the many aspects of being a student on the purse for higher education?

S: Actually I have two! The first advice I would give for students joining The Globe is to communicate effectively. I give this advice a lot because I am someone who struggles with this myself and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the same fear of holding back on their opinions and what they want to advocate for as I do. If communication is done the best way possible within The Globe, then everyone succeeds.

My second piece of advice is similar to the first one but make sure you’re able to take time out of your day to fulfill as much service as you can your title with The Globe, even if it’s just five minutes. The Globe has a purpose of serving the MC Germantown community and our job is to be able to provide to the students, staff, faculty, and Germantown in general. We have more opportunities than just writing from editing articles, photography, and social media managing. So we do not want you to feel as though you’re limited to one option.

P: What was the most exciting aspect about writing for The Globe in your opinion and how can someone learn to nurture that passion?

S: The most exciting part about writing for The Globe is the fact that you can write about any topic that you’re passionate about. For me, the articles that I have written have had the purpose of letting students know about what’s going on at school, but also allowing students and staff to have a voice that’s heard.

P: With all the exams, classes, and homework that you are given, what’s the best aspect of coming to The Globe’s meetings and having a conversation with both me and Professor Tropin?

S: Developing and sharing our ideas for future articles and other projects. This aspect I enjoy because we’re all contributing and bringing something to the table.

P: Before we go, what advice do you give to both me and Professor Tropin on the next year and editors/writers who are in The Globe?

S: I would give the same advice that I mentioned earlier on communication not just between you and Professor Tropin, but also with the other staff members as well. If any of you on staff need help or just wanted to let us know how you’re doing, don’t be afraid to reach out to each other. At the end of the day, we are part of a close-knit staff and community at the Germantown campus!

Thank you so much Aisha for everything you have done and will do in the future! We cheer you on from here and to the beyond! Thank you for being our Editor in Chief and for being our friend during these years.

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Farewell to Aisha Sowe