New Board Alert!

Author: Maryam Iftikhar, Staff Writer

A new bulletin board has popped up in the HS building, right in between rooms 175 and 177. Orchestrated by Professor Haydel, the board serves to help students become more aware about internships, open job positions, and volunteer opportunities!

This is an incredibly important asset to students as transfer applications grow increasingly selective and competitive. Transfer institutions are requiring applicants to show more experience on their resumes, but thankfully MC is stepping up to help students fill in those requirements too!

The bulletin board will be updated with flyers that provide info on various job postings, internship opportunities, and volunteer events. Be sure to make the HS building a weekly stop so you can check out the bulletin board and stay updated!

As always, the Writing Center in the HS building is also a great hub of resources for students, especially when it comes to filling out writing portion of applications. So, make sure to pop in there every once in awhile too- it’s free!

Moral of the story: MC is teeming with accessible resources for students, because the college genuinely wants us to succeed. It can be hard to keep track of them all though, which is why The Globe is here to help make sure students are updated on everything available to them.

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