One year later of fast paced learning

By Mischaelle Mbemba Milandou

In spring 2021, MC Students are once again confronted with the usual academic pace. During the past few months, we have seen several students dropping out due to the lack of financial support or simply because of the fast-paced programs. Some MC students are facing a hard time adjusting to accelerated learning in diverse courses. 

For instance, one student can register for four courses such as CHEM, ENG, MATH, and HIST. When enrolled in those courses, the student also has two quizzes due on Fridays for his Math class and one essay for his History and English class. Pretty much overwhelming!!

The main questions that the MC board and instructors should ask themselves are how students are supposed to comprehend or to excel in the course materials, terms, lectures in such a short time? Why some instructors don’t have the assiduity for each student’s progress or difficulty? Should MC re-evaluate the faculty’s teaching performance? If it isn’t clear, both faculties and students need help in all academic aspects. A student can spend four hours on an essay and barely have time to read the class lecture. This student would be lost and probably would not ask questions since it might create a modification during class. Catching up with the class, doing the readings, reviewing notes along with the textbook just to understand the class, are all very consuming tasks in the end.

In conclusion, it would be beneficial that MC be heedful when it comes to the learning and education of each student. MC instructors should stay organized with their syllabuses, respond to student’s emails, and help students organize their reading and study efforts.MC students are looking forward to in-person classes for fall, as we look into the progression of the pandemic.

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