Student Of The Week – Callie Etches

Author: Emma Shuster

What defines the perfect college student? While that question may be difficult to answer, there are many students that try to shine and set themselves apart. Many do not succeed in this, a small number too. Callie Etches is the perfect example.

Callie is a Sophomore at Montgomery College. Since her time at Montgomery College began last fall, Callie has done her best to challenge herself. While facing such challenges, she has managed to succeed in them as well. Since the first day she started at Montgomery College, Callie has maintained a strong sense of ambition, grit, and determination. She has even taken up to six classes at a time and done well in them.

Outside of the classroom, Callie maintains a strong presence on campus. Alongside being a Student Ambassador. She has helped out in both Summer and Fall sessions of the STSU 100 course that is a part of Montgomery College’s first year experience. She also helps at the new student orientations. Callie stated, “It is so nice to help other students become acclimated to Montgomery College, especially students who are kind of apprehensive to go here. It is nice to help people realize how much potential Montgomery College has and how much they can accomplish here.” From her presence in the classroom and on campus as a tour guide and her bubbly personality, Callie has become a leader, role model, and friend in the eyes of other students.

Aside from her time as a Student Ambassador, you can also find Callie working in the Writing, Reading, and Language Center as well as running the club “In-Actys.” Alongside this she is also a student coordinator for “Manna Food Smart Sax.” Whether it’s excelling in her rigorous courses or extra curricular activities, Callie has developed a strong welcoming presence on campus.

As Callie will soon begin her final semester at Montgomery College, she begins to reminisce on her journey here. “I loved my time here at MC. I have never had a professor I did not like and have never had a classmate that I did not get along with. Everyone that I have met has been super sweet. I honestly loved all my classes, even ones outside of my major.” While she is going to miss Montgomery College and the memories she has made here, she looks forward her next journey and what it has in store for her!

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