Inclement weather decisions at Montgomery College

Author: Mansi Gosalia, Editor-in-Chief

This winter season has brought considerable weather which has had the student body of Montgomery College on the edge of their seats. With even more extreme weather expected to hit on Wednesday, many are wondering how exactly Montgomery College goes about conducting inclement weather decisions.

A community wide email in regards to this issue was sent out February 18th by the Interim Senior Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services, Donna Schena. It details out the complex process of weather related decisions across three campuses.

Overall, the effort to make a sound decision is one that involves multiple departments across all campuses and even the help of third parties, such as the National Weather Service.

The decisions can be divided into four categories: a delay, an early release, full day cancellation, or a full day. In a delay, some classes will still meet if 50 minutes or more of the class can still occur. Also, in a delay, the parking lots and all buildings will open 30 minutes ahead of the delayed opening time.

When considering weather related decisions, Montgomery College consults the state of the roads, how public transportation is effected, and general safety of students and faculty. 

If you want to find out more information about weather related issues and how it effects you, then you can subscribe to MC Alerts. Or you can check the Montgomery College website, your student Outlook, local TV, and official Montgomery College social media channels. 

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