Poems By Miguel M

Written By Miguel Martinez Tomala


 In the blink of an eye 


In the blink of an eye I met you and you met me.

We instantly clicked.

We grew closer until close wasn’t a thing. 

The world stopped each time we were together.

The times we spent together were never enough.

Hours would pass in a blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye were strangers again.


To The Girl 


To the girl who stole my heart without asking

To the girl whose dirt-colored eyes showed me a glimpse of a world where I can’t live without her.

To the girl whose smile illuminates my day.

To the girl whose voice sings a melody, I can’t forget.

To the girl that whenever we look at each other I get chills

To the girl who will never be mine because I don’t want to ruin things So

To the girl who will never know