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Written By Felipe Beltran.


Maybe in another universe, I would have already had it figured out by now.

Maybe just maybe I would be sitting on millions.

Maybe in another universe, I would have been a professor soccer player playing at the highest level.

Maybe in another universe, I would already be a published author selling millions of copies worldwide.

Maybe in another universe, I had my shit together and went to Harvard or Yale

Maybe in another universe, I’m just a dog living life carefree.

Maybe in another universe, I am just a rock,

Sitting and watching how the world goes by.

While on paper, it might seem that any of the other universes I just mentioned it sounds like I would be living the dream,

But how do I tell you that,

My true dream is you.

The one thing in common between all those other parallel universes is that you’re missing.

Yes, I know right now I am not sitting on millions,

Yes, I know I am not a professional soccer player,

Yes I know I am not a published author,

And yes, I know I am not a Harvard or Yale student,

But instead, I am here,

I am here trying to figure it out.

But I am figuring it out with you.

In another life,

In another universe,

In another time,

I will always choose you.

For I would rather figure it out together,

Then be successful on my own.

In this universe,

In this time,

I want it to be with you.

It doesn’t matter what universe,

It doesn’t matter how successful I am,

It doesn’t matter how wealthy I might be,

For I will also choose the universe where I am with you.

For I only want to be successful with you.

For no amount of money can make me feel as rich as I do when I am with you.

I just wanted to let you know that in another universe or in another life,

I would love to sit on a farm,

You, me, and our animals,

Just sitting here talking to you.

I would ask you, “How was your day?”

You would tell me “Good.”

I would respond “Yeah?”

And you would say “Yeah, my day was good.”

I would put my arm around you.

And you put your head onto my shoulder.

We would hold each other tightly,

In till two becomes one.

Your head would make its way onto my chest.

I would call over our two dogs,

Mr. PeanutButter and Martha

They would come sit on your lap,

As we would all watch the sun go down,

And it is beautiful.

The sunset is beautiful and peaceful.

But it is not as beautiful and peaceful as a lifetime with you.

As long as it’s you,

I don’t care what we do.

As long as I had you,

I would have been happy in any other universe.

As long as it was you,


I don’t care what we do,

I am simply happy that,

I got to live my life with you.

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