Black History Month (Paint Night) 

Written By Roselind Dominguez  

(Celebrating Black Writers and Books as Part of Black History Month 2019 – Spread the Word) 


Montgomery College Germantown’s Student Life hosted a paint night for Black History Month. The event consisted of pre-sketched canvas supplies, paint, and music. Additionally, there was a snack bar provided for students while painting. Students received a pre-sketched canvas and a painting guide with painting tips and tricks from the student artist (as seen in the photos). Furthermore, everyone was free to experiment and express themselves creatively. Music was playing in the background while students were painting, which enhanced the calm artistic atmosphere. It was a very pleasant occasion where students could unwind, socialize, and let their imaginations run wild. What a wonderful way to honor Black History Month! Cheers to Black History Month! 

 (Images of students creating artwork on canvases, accompanied by a remarkable artist encouraging and supporting each person’s artistic endeavors.)