La Sociedad De Nieve — Movie Review

By Ashley Neyra


La Sociedad de Nieve has taken over the cinematic world. With over 64 international award nominations including being nominated for the oscars. 


They tell the story of the 1972 Uruyanian plane crash in the Andes Mountains where 16 people survived for 72 days resorting to cannibalism. The victims on the plane were part of the rugby team alongside additional friends and family members. One could only imagine the extreme circumstance one must be apart of to eat parts of a family members or friends to continue to live. In La Sociedad de la Nieve, Numa Turcatti ( Enzo Vogrincic) narrates the story as he tells of the extreme conditions they would experience for the following 72 days. This film did a spectacular job showing the terror and the physical beauty the Andes Mountains had for them. 


It has been a long time since I’ve seen a nearly full Hispanic cast. Most actors being from Argentina and Uruguay surely made their country proud with the astonishing performances. The casting was intentional as the casting wanted to keep the authenticity of the Uruguayan accents. But the cast went deeper than just looks and accents as casting directors (María Laura Berch, Javier Braier, and Iair Sais) were looking for actors who truly behaved in tandem to real people on the plane to try to recreate the connections between them. This is exactly what was created in the film. 


No surprise this film was a masterpiece under the direction of  J.A. Bayona (Juan Antonio García Bayona) known for his films such as The Impossible and Jurassic world: fallen Kingdom. He is a perfectionist which will certainly be revealed in the film as he and his team found ways of obtaining these amazing realistic shoots for the film. 


This is usually where one would describe what they didn’t like about a film. But as for myself I have nothing to say. It’s been a long time since a movie has captivated me with its plot, actors and cinematography. It was heart wrenching, exciting, sad and everything it needed to be and more. With 64 Global nominations the world seems to think the same. Getting nominated in categories all over the board from soundtrack, makeup artist, special effects and more. 


I highly recommend giving this movie a watch but warning for the ones with a weak stomach.