Creative Corner Short-Story: Happy Halloween Edition

By Ashley Neyra

Creative corner edition: short-story

Lucio Candy

It was my favorite time of the year again, Halloween. Now you might ask why a 35-year-old man with no kids would have a reason to love Halloween. Well, it’s the perfect time to dispose of the leftovers I have. These parents let these young children wear their little costumes and go door to door saying “trick or treat”; In most cases, they’ll get a little thing of a Hershey bar or those m&m’s that have 6 of them in that little pack. Honestly, a horrible deal if you ask me. But from me, the kids get something called “Lucio candies” that I make in my own home. Some of them are hard candies and others may have a chewier texture like a jellybean; it truly all depends on what part I’m using.

I am a cannibal. I can’t seem to get enough of the taste of human flesh (you could say I am addicted), but I try to control it. I will only kill once a year and try to make it last for as long as I can. Usually, there are some parts that I won’t eat like fingers and the smaller human features. I find them repulsive. Bones are easy to dispose of with lots of wild animals around the forest area, so I’ll go a few times over the months and leave some around for the animals to have a go at it. I got two Pitbull to see if they would help speed up the process, but they weren’t too fond of them after they tried the other parts.

This brings me back to the “Lucio candies” …whatever I don’t eat the trick-a-treater will. Amazing how people will eat anything that’s wrapped up with a nice label and looks like a legit food product. Now you may wonder if people can tell its human remains and the answer is no. Add a bit of cherry flavoring to it and no one questions a thing; It’s how I’ve gotten away with it for the past 8 years. Most of my victims were people that were awful people to start with and someone no one would miss. Do I feel bad that some of them are eating their old curmudgeon neighbor? not really. That old hag was a real piece of work, to say the least. She ticked me off one night, so she had it coming. I don’t think the kids in the neighborhood were upset with the news of her so-called disappearance either. Anyways the trick-a-treaters will be coming soon so I should get ready for them.

I hope you enjoy the Lucio candies and come back for more next year…

(All work is fictional, This story is inspired by movie American psycho and the cases of jeffrey dahmer.)