Come one, Come All, Speak with Student Senate!

By Yesenia L. Pineda

When student concern rise and pile up, the Student Senate heeds the call to go above and beyond for the voices of Montgomery College.

Being heard and taken into account is something important when it comes to the student body, matters involving food, faculty, accessibility to college given resources is a must for any and all students, but have you ever wondered who exactly that goes to?

While student life encompasses everything that is a student life at any MC campus, Student Senate is the bridge between student voice and action to the higher ups round table.

Student Senate welcomes any and all students’ concerns within their meetings and open floor discussion about current situations happening on grounds. “I think it’s a great way to hear the concerns of our students [because] they get to come to our meetings and talk [with others] to find
solutions,” said President Khang Tran.

Not only does Student Senate offer the chance for all students to air out grievances, they do so with the chance via icebreakers that gets students up and active with participation as a way to express their concerns among peers and officers. “Meetings [at the time of COVID] were all
virtual so [this] is our first time in [like] two years we’re having in person meetings.” added Treasurer Joyce Kabeya.

With the chance to get up, walk around, talk amongst peers and officers of Student Senate, these meetings are what connect students not just with other student groups of different interest but also with elected students in office who listen closely to the student body. “It’s great having face
to face meetings [to talk more] with students instead of having a barrier between the other person.” added Tran.

While face to face meetings give students the chance of social interaction, the Student Senate’s main goal is to target issues and concerns that any and all students have in their day to day life within the grounds of their designated campuses. “By joining the upperclassmen and seeing what they get to do we started becoming more interested in the things MC could do [for students] and what we [Student Senate] could do for MC.” said Vice President Emily Tran.