The Globe is the independent student-run newspaper at Montgomery College Germantown. Our content is written and edited entirely by MC students for the Germantown campus and the Montgomery College community at large.

We provide informative, relevant, and accessible content for MC students, faculty, and staff. Our content celebrates the uniqueness of the Germantown campus while providing a forum for news and discussion for all three campuses.

For our team, we are committed to providing an educational experience as well as leadership opportunities and training in journalism.

At The Globe, we strive to reach every student and be the voice of Montgomery College.

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out this form.

Fall 2018 Team

Managing Editor: Arrey Mbutambe

Editor-in-Chief: Mansi Gosalia

Pop Culture Editor: Pamela Nicole Turcios Ventura

Sports Editor: Emma Shuster

Video/Media Manager: Caleb Schaeur

Reporter(s): your name here?
Lynn Pham

Pamela Nicole Turcios Ventura

Caleb Schauer

Cheyenne Cummings

Emma Shuster

Faculty adviser: Mitch Tropin


Weekly — Monday’s from 2:45 until 3:45 in PK106. However, the editor is also available to meet outside of the weekly newspaper meetings. If you’re interested in writing for the Globe in the Fall 2018 semester, let us know ASAP by filling out the form here!