Rest Easy Mac Miller

Author: Pamela Nicole Turcios Ventura, Pop Culture Editor


Unfortunately, rapper Malcolm McCormick passed away unexpectedly on September 7, 2018. Better known by his stage name, “Mac Miller,” Miller had so much ahead of him. His album, “Swimming” was set to debut on August 3rd and he had plans of touring on the 27th of September. The rap community mourned over the tragic passing, it is said that Miller has left a mark on rap music forever. Miller was unique in how he remained loyal to his sound, even if it meant incorporating unorthodox beats and some singing.


Besides his contributions to music, Miller is strongly remembered by his kindness. Following his passing, Post Malone tweeted, “he had so much love in his heart.” This was followed by his close friends Ben Baller and Frankie Grande talking candidly about how Miller encouraged them to enter rehab and to seek a life free from substance abuse. Alongside the mourning, there was an outpouring of support to “check on your friends, even the strong and funny ones,” as characterised by musician, Kehlani’s statement.


Many of those who were close to Miller are still in shock of his overdose. They describe him as an “uplifting and beautiful soul” and that he was “taken too soon.” The circumstances surrounding Miller’s passing have opened the conversation regarding substance abuse and addiction.


If you or a loved one are struggling, there is help.


  • 1-800-726-4727 (Mental Health Helpline)
  • 1-800-273-TALK (National Prevention Suicide Healthline)
  • 1-877-969-2098 (Drug Abuse Healthline)

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