This Petition The Cons No One Is Informing You About

Author Pamela Turcios

Earlier this week a petition started regarding changing our classes to Pass/Fail. As of now the petition has a little over 1700 signatures. I personally do miss the face to face interactions I had in my within my courses and do agree our education is not at its best quality. However, Pass/Fail classes hardly ever transfer & if you want Bachelor’s degree your Pass/Fail class becomes useless when transferring. Pass/Fail classes are only accepted at a four year institution if they are electives to your major without affecting your GPA. Or in some cases is the class is accepted and taken in a ‘C’ grade affecting your GPA until retaken in your new institution. A ‘C’ grade hurts the students wanting to further their education above a Bachelor’s.

Pass/Fail classes only benefit the students seeking to only get their associates or students who are only taking elective courses.

Since I have let know about the cons I still wanted provide the option to decided for yourself if you want to sign this petition or not. At the end of the article I have the petition linked.

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